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All children have the potential to be happy, healthy and successful.

But witnessing or experiencing violence erodes that potential and affects a child’s health, wellbeing and future. A child’s home should be a happy, nurturing and loving environment.

Globally, most adolescent deaths are as a result of homicide, but this varies by region.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the greatest risk of dying is from homicide.

Many legends surround the pilgrim, mystic and faith-healer Grigori Rasputin, one-time advisor to the Romanov family and, as Boney M famously put it, 'Russia's greatest love machine'.

However of all the famous fables, few are quite as long-winded or amusing as the stories directly concerned with the Mad Monk's gigantic genitalia. How can anyone claim to have grabbed hold of such a schlong when surely the Russian mystic and royal advisor was buried with his tackle intact?

But home is often where children first experience violence.

Violence in schools hurts attendance, contributes to lower academic results and leads to higher dropout rates. As children grow, they spend more time outside their homes and in online spaces.

Every five minutes a child dies as a result of violence.

Millions more children live in fear of physical, emotional and sexual violence.

However, on finding out about this crazy cult, Marie Rasputin (the Mad Monk's daughter) expressed her extreme disapproval of such goings-on and demanded the return of daddy's dong. The latest twist in the trouser snake saga involves eminent Russian doctor Igor Knyazkin, head physician of the Prostate Centre of Russia's Academy of Sciences.

However, just when it seemed that the saintly shaft had finally shrunk from the annals, it popped up again in 1994 for a final hurrah. Ripple had collaborated with Marie Rasputin on a hagiography of her father, and so had inherited the whopper willy on Marie's demise. Well after Michael Augustine sold the item in question to Bonham's auction house, tests were done and the would-be winkle turned out to be not a penis at all - but a dessicated sea-cucumber. The good doctor proudly opened the nation's first Museum of Erotica in 2004 (in a sexual health clinic!

This wider social world can be enriching, but it can also expose children to new forms of violence.